Polish MediaLab group

  • Number of youth: 12

  • Age in the group: 16-22 years old

  • Periodicity of meetings: 2 sessions each month in the afternoon (between Monday-Friday)

  • Date of creation: September 2016

  • Localization: Bydgoszcz (Kujawsko-Pomorskie/Poland)

  • Youth workers: Joanna Wójtowicz, Bartłomiej Giziński, Weronika Sikora

  • languages spoke: Polish, English

  • Experience in youth exchanges: Youth exchange in France 21-27 May 2018 in the frame of YouthMADE project

  • Contact : mpe@byd.pl, europedirect-bydgoszcz@byd.pl, +48 52 567 00 69, 

  • Multimedia Tools: Polish local group in Bydgoszcz uses video reporting. They agree on topics they want to discuss, take pictures, create multimedia reports and spread them via social media.

  • Events: Polish local group has organized debates within the group and with other local groups as well. The members would like to develop and take action to organize or participate in other local/international debates on European issues (European citizenship, access to information, mobility, migrants/refugees…).

  • Exchanges: Polish group took part in exchange in France, Puget-Theniers on 21-27 May 2018. The polish group had a chance to meet youth from other countries, learn from others and also share their experience. The next exchange will take place in October 2018 in Poland, Bydgoszcz. Polish group is ready and happy to host the youth from abroad!

  • Others: Polish local group is ready to make virtual exchanges (Skype meetings) or debates in English with youth from any country. Some of them are ready, with the support of organisations (sending and hosting), to host other youth coming from other countries if there is no program to support the exchange.

The Polish local group has decided to work on 3 specific topics for 2017-2018 : 

  • Topic 1 : European citizenship and values

  • Topic 2 : Migrations in the EU

  • Topic 3: Europe as second home for immigrants


Other interests of the group members are:

travelling, movies/TV series, cycling, drawing, playing games, music, horse riding, history, politics, diplomacy, sport, special forces, archaeology, Spanish culture 


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