Spanish MediaLab group

  • Number of youth : 21

  • Age in the group : 13 to 17

  • Periodicity of meetings : 1/2 sessions each month on tuesday afternoon

  • Date of création : September 2016

  • Localization : Baena – Rural area in the south of Spain (Cordoba, Andalusia)

  • Youth workers : Raquel Moreno with the voluntary help of Mª Carmen Gómez, Mª Carmen Nieva, Rosana Ruiz, Mª Isabel Jiménez and Virginia Polo

  • languages spoken : Spanish, English

  • Experience in youth exchanges : A part of the group has participated in a multilateral exchange about Migration in France (France, Spain, Sweden, Bulgaria, UK-NI) and will participate in 2 more and host 1.

  • Contact :  + 34 957 69 10 84

  • Multimedia Tools : The spanish local group in Baena uses video reporting. They decide the topics, register pics, realize the movie and spread it through social medias.

  • Events : The spanish local group organize or take part in the organisation of public events dedicated to debate or give information on european issues (european citizenship, access to information, migrants/refugees…) and its dissemination in local schools.

  • Exchanges : some of the youth  of the spanish local group already had benefits of youth exchanges within the ERASMUS + programme. Some of them will met others groups in the next months. The group will host a meeting next year, all within ERASMUS + programme. 

  • Others : All the group is ready to realize virtual exchanges with any kind of youth coming from any country in english. Some of them are ready, with the support of organisations (sending and hosting), to host other youth coming from other countries if there is no program to support the exchange.

The spanish local group has decided to work on 2 specific topics for 2017-2018 : 

  • Topic 1 : Social  Media

  • Topic 2 : European Social Welfare Model

And a main transversal topic : 

  • Main Issue  : Migrants and refugees  (isolated minors, mentality…)


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