Use a video Report 

Each of the 10 local groups of youth reporters identify the key issues they want to explore and produce multimedia reports of their findings. These multimedia reports are shared locally and with the other partners using this online platform to share the issues, ideas and research across each region. All the reports are free of used and you can use it.


Foyer Rural CEPAGE

 The french call for participation to a newspaper Refugees : The situation of isolated minors
  • The french youth group would like to produce a newspaper. They call other groups for contribution. Soon you will be abble to read it.
  • The french youth group has produced a video report related to the situation of isolated minors. They have met one of them, Khadija, who kindly accepted to tell them her story and answered their question.

Foyer Rural CEPAGE – Puget-Théniers -Alpes-Maritimes-Région PACA France

– + 33 (0)4 93 03 16 01 –


 The Italian wishes for the European Union Migrants : what italian kids says about it
  • The italian youth group has produced a video report about their feeling concerning the european union..
  • The Italian youth group has also produced a video report related to the Migration issue in Italy. They give their opinion about Migrants..

Euro-Net – Potenza-Basilicata-Italy

– + 33 (0)4 93 03 16 01 –

Regional Council of Pohjois-Savo

Experience of Voluntary European service Health policy in the EU
  • The finish youth group has made an interview with a young ladie who is doing a European Voluntary service in Finland. The EVS offers an opportunity of individual mobility to all youth in Europe.
  • The finish youth group has produced a video report related to the health choices in the european Union. They have met a european commissioner, Vytenis Andriukaitis and made an interview with him ;

Régional Council of Pohjois-Savo –  Kuopio -Pohjois-Savossa- Finland

– + 358 (0)44 7142 653 –


The spanish youth group has produced a video report related to the youngsters and social medias, how it affects their life, uses and risks,  and intergenerational differences in the perception of these.

ADEGUA – Baena -Andalusia- SPAIN

+34 957 69 10 84 –

The Rural Centre

The northern irish youth group has produced a video report  looking at the how the conflict or ‘troubles’ has influenced the lives of our youth and the progress that has been made to create peace in Northern Ireland supported by PEACE funding from the European Union.

The Rural Centre – Northern Ireland- UK

+44 (0)28 855 49606 –

University of Bydgoszcz

The polish youth group has produced a video report  connected with young citizens of Ukraine living in Poland. The aim of this report is to present Ukraine’s aspirations for closer integration with the EU, as well as to answer a question: “Who is a contemporary European? Can anyone be a citizen of Europe?”. In search of the answers to these questions, members of MPE looked at the streets of Bydgoszcz, found the citizens of Ukraine who have been living in Poland for several months and asked them about their view of European integration and European citizenship.

University of bydgoszcz – Poland

– + 33 (0)4 93 03 16 01 –

New Horizons

The Bulgarian group is working on the thematic of Migration. Here is the video report. 

New Horizons -Smolyan- Bulgaria

– + 33 (0)4 93 03 16 01 –

Regional Innovation Agency

The Slovakian group is still working on its first video report. Yet, you can have a look to their video of presentation. 

RIA -Kosice- Slovakia

– +421 905 758 767 –

City of Šibenik

The Croatian group has decided to produce its first video report about youth people leaving Sibenik to find better opportunities in bigger cities. 

City of  Sibenik – Croatia

+385 22 431069 –

City of Skellefteå

The Swedish group has produced a video report about Migration. What do they think about it ? Let’s discovering !

Skellefteå Kommun -Västerbotten-Skellefteå- Sweden

– +46 910 736 641 –