Bulgarian MediaLab group

  • Number of youth : 20 active members

  • Age in the group : 13 to 19

  • Periodicity of meetings : once a month on Fridays

  • Date of création : 7th of October 2016

  • Localization : Smolyan, a mountainous area in the south of Bulgaria

  • Youth workers : Antoaneta Nikolova, Stoyanka Lyuncheva

  • languages spoken : English, Bulgarian

  • Experience in youth exchanges : The group has wto exchanges –  in France and Sweden

  • Contact : novihori@gmail.com; Tel.: +359 301 81433

  • Multimedia Tools : The Bulgarian local group in Smolyan uses video reporting. The group decides on the topics, makes the video clips and makes the translation in English and the subtitles

  • Events : The Bulgarian local group takes part in public events – debates or information activities, dedicated to European issues.

  • Exchanges : Some of the youth from the Bulgarian group, have already taken part in the youth exchangeс within the ERASMUS + program, as guest participants in France and Sweden. 

  • Others : The entire group is ready to realize virtual exchanges with any kind of youth coming from any country in English or Bulgarian.

The bulgarian local group has decided to work on 3 specific topics for 2017-2018 : 

  • Topic 1 : Volunteering 

  • Topic 2 : Pros and cos from the EU membership

And a main transversal topic : 

  • Main Issue  : Migrants and refugees 


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