Northern Ireland (UK) MediaLab Group

  • Number of youth : 15

  • Age in the group : 11 to 22

  • Periodicity of meetings : 1 session once per month on a Friday

  • Date of création : 1st September 2016

  • Localization : Dungannon, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland

  • Youth workers : Matt Graham & Heather McLaughlin

  • languages spoken : English

  • Experience in youth exchanges : The group participated in exchanges in:
    Nice, France October 2016 with
    Bulgaria, France, Spain, Sweden
    Skellefteå, Sweden in June 2017 with youth from Bulgaria, France, Finland, Spain, Sweden 

  • Contact :  + 44 (0) 2885549606

  • Multimedia Tools : The group meet to discuss topics of interest to them, they reresearch the topic and interview experts. They create a multimedia report of the topic which they circualate through social media.

  • Events : The group meet with migrants in their region and elected representatives to discuss issues of migration, citizenship and other European issues. 

  • Exchanges : some youth  participated in an Erasmsu+ exchange in France in October 2016 with youth from Sweden, Bulgaria, Spain and France. Another group of youth will participate in an exchange in Sweden in June 2017 with yout from France, Bulgaria, Spain, Finland and Slovakia.

  • Others : The youth group is very keen to make contact with other youth throughout Europe as part of a virtua exchange to share and discuss ideas in English and to explore psooible future  youth exchanges. 

The Northern Ireland (UK) local group has decided to work on 3 specific topics for 2017-2018 : 


  • Topic 1 : Migrants: How to integrate new people into the local community

  • Topic 2 : Citizenship: How to be an active citizen in the commnity and through politics

  • Topic 3 : Bullying: How bullying impacts on young people


And a main transversal topic : 

  • Main Issue  : Citizenship 



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